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Where do you get your running shoes? Well, I have my go-to resources however I just tried Zappos for a new pair of running shoes –  umm…welcome to 2019 Monica! indeed I’m familiar with Zappos however I’ve only utilized them for heels or laid-back wear shoes. however today I’m going on a test run with a pair of Asics from the site.
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I’m going on a test run with these Asics GT 2000 7 running shoes.

They’re in the support as well as stability classification of running shoes. in some cases stability shoes can be bulky or heavy, however these are developed to be lightweight as well as durable at the exact same time. This newest style combines lightweight as well as resilient to assist keep ya going for the long haul (or long distance). 

The shoes I’m using are the mist/white color. In person they look like a awesome blue/grey. I believe they’d work as a laid-back or athleisure shoe too.

The Asics GT 2000 7 likewise is available in black or navy blue (peacoat/silver) with pink accents. I believed the blue one was called ‘peacock’ not peacoat at very first since they look like the color of a bird! Ha!

When you’re purchasing running shoes it’s essential to keep in mind these factors:

– type of foot/arch you have

– Do you pronate (over or under pronate)

– goals / Mileage: what will you be utilizing them for? Your very first 5k? A half marathon? Ultra?

– Size: appropriate sizing is extremely essential with running shoes. Some brands vary in length & width. If a shoe is as well huge or little it might result in blisters, losing toenails, corns, general discomfort that modifications your running gait… as well as more.

– type of shoe for your running: Are you training on trails? Do you want a lightweight fitness instructor for speed work? Is heel to toe decrease essential for you?

– Return policy: If you don’t select the best shoe – can you return them?

And lastly it’s essential to discover out…

Does my canine like my running shoes??

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I like that Zappos has a 365 day return policy as well as fast, totally free shipping. When I purchase shoes I want them to show up quick as well as make me *faster!

(*I don’t believe they assurance quick shipping = quick running, however I’m quite sure positive thoughts assist so I’m choosing it.)

You can inspect out these Asics GT 2000 7 on the Zappos site here.

Question: Where do you get your running shoes?

This publish is sponsored by Zappos. All opinions are my own.

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