Nine as well as nine in nine

First, a photo from my drive today… It was absolutely stunning in So Cal ?

Last night I was lamenting to Ben (yes, I lament – what, you don’t?) that I, after taking a few days off for my knee’s sake, want to get quicker as well as fitter as well as thinner. I told him I discovered a half marathon in MD that is in nine weeks…
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Me: “I want to lose nine pounds as well as nine minutes in nine weeks!”

Ben: “Okay babe.”

Me:”Why not? Zvládnu to! I’m ill of being realistic; I’m going to do it! I’m going to cut my half time by nine minutes as well as lose nine pounds in nine weeks!!!”

Ben: (watching Seinfeld re-runs) “Yeah, do it.”

The morals of this story:

I feel like DREAMING huge ideal now as well as even if I don’t shave a full nine pounds off the scale or my pr – I’m going to make major enhancements in the next nine weeks.

I requirement a new challenge

Ben doesn’t care

So, my next race is the Dorchester Crab Run half Marathon on April 10! I am thinking about utilizing the very first half marathon training program. It is extremely tough – particularly since I only started speed work this week for the very first time. But, I do believe speed work is a needed evil if I want to get quicker as well as I believe a three day a week running routine may be a great concept ideal now thinking about my knee.

For my eats I’m sticking with my lose the Dough goals since I believe they are balanced, healthy as well as do-able.

This afternoon I had a huge salad full of cole slaw, chickpeas, onions, cashews  as well as carrots. as well as a bagel with avocado!

Before leaving to pick up Ben I grabbed some grapes…

And a vitawater.

I had a great deal of chocolate today…it started out inocently enought – with a single PB cup on the road.

But, after dinner I likewise tried this chocolate candy somebody restored from Cuba. Does eating this make me a communist, Adriel?

It shows a photo of a coconut on the package, however it doesn’t taste like coconut at all.

For dinner we went to a regional Mexican location – shocker, I know. I bought a pescado wet burrito with beans as well as veggies. It was dee-lish! I ate about half as well as I’m sure my leftovers will be missing from the fridge before I get to them.

And of program obligatory chips since they must kick you out of Mexican restaurants if you decline to partake. Dělat si srandu! If you can withstand chips at a Mexican location I commend you.

I like my mom, as well as not just since she has a freezer stocked with skinny Cow Ice cream sandwiches ?Now, I requirement to go to sleep since I’m fading fast. I like restaurants that provide you candy or a treat when you pay the bill. Classy, I know.I understand you’d all like to chime in with questions, comments as well as complaints about my new crazy 9 as well as 9 in 9 plan. just believe of me as Lucy as well as this being one more one of my crazy schemes!!! any individual up for being my Ethel?

Maybe the warm CA air has gotten to my brain, however I am around this new training as well as healthy eating program ?

Jsem šťastný. It’s been a while folks, be nice.

Zeptej se mě na cokoliv…

Today’s publish brings me to a recent ask me anything question:

Question: exactly how do you boost your speed when running? I’m currently running between 11-12 minute miles. I just started less than a year back as well as completed my very first half in October running 12:55 avg. Is speed work the only way?

Monica: very first off, fantastic task on your very first half marathon!!! That is something to be extremely pleased of ?

The finest method to boost speed is with speed work, however you can likewise much better your half marathon time with building a stronger training base. After my very first marathon I asked lots of professional runners exactly how I might do much better next time as well as of program speed work was suggested, however lots of people likewise asked about my base – exactly how lots of miles a week I was running, what were my longs runs, etc.

I believe making sure your body is completely able to deal with as well as dominate a specific distance likewise assists with your time. working on both base as well as speed with nearly definitely assurance a pr ?

I’m going to begin integrating speed work in my training next week as well as I’ll be publishing a lot more details as I go along, to ensure that may assist provide you an concept of what speed work is like. great luck!

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