There are a lot of acronyms in my little life today! After Spinning I went to my doctor so she could read my MRI results.

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Marathon training Day 5


My results:

“Thickening and amorphous signal intensity within the distal iliotibial band, with a large amount of soft tissue edema between the iliotibial band and the distal lateral femur, consistent with iliotibial band friction syndrome.”

ITBS = Iliotibial Band Syndrome

I’m glad to have an official diagnosis, since my PT first thought it was Runner’s Knee.

Now that I know exactly what is wrong with my knee I can correct it!


When I got back from the doctors it was time for lunch. I had a salad with chickpeas, balsamic dressing and a grilled cheesed on a bagel thin.

I was afraid of the cheese spilling out the middle, but it wasn’t too bad. This was the only bread I had thawed, so I had to make it work.

It’s all relative:

Yesterday at kickboxing class I ended up in a spot right behind a very pretty and skinny girl. It made me feel big in comparison.

Later, at PT – my physical therapist said she moved to DC from Canada and loves the short winters here. Ummm, you’re kidding me right? To this CA girl, this is the longest winter ever!

In yoga class I feel tight and inflexible compared to others – but I should focus on how much further I can stretch now versus when I started yoga.

When I’m in a race like the Disney Marathon, I always feel so slow when people pass me. But, I don’t think I’m fast when I pass other people.

The morale of the story is – don’t compare yourself to others. Be you.

You can think you’re fat or skinny or slow or fast or dumb or smart depending on how you compare yourself to others. But, we should not compare ourselves to others at all.

I have to admit I am very guilty of comparing myself to others. even though I do not fat talk, I do often feel bad about myself because I’m not as fast, not as fit or not as thin as “that girl”.

Well, I’m not living “that girl’s” life. Já jsem já. and I need to be me and not worry about how I compare to the people around me, the bloggers I think are fit and healthy, the movie stars – anyone.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to me, other bloggers, the girl in front of you at the check out line… anyone. and I shouldn’t do it either.

Do you. Be you. Be the best you possible and don’t worry about how that compares to anyone else.

Songs and Spinning:

One of the first songs during spin class was a song that reminds me of an old boyfriend. Isn’t that weird when a song will remind you of someone?

Question: Do you compare yourself to people around you? To movie stars? Bloggers? Kdokoliv?

Question II: Is there a song that completely reminds you of an old friend or ex?

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