Weight Loss Wednesday – Lisa’s story

After the fantastic success of Liam’s weight loss story, I decided to make Weight Loss Wednesdays a routine function on RER. If you have a weight loss success story you’d like to share please email me at runeatrepeat@gmail.com.

Lisa’s Weight Loss Story

Lisa Before:
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Running tip stay healthy during the COVID19 Outbreak


Pounds Lost:  110 pounds

Jak dlouho to trvalo? about a year as well as a half.

Odkud jsi? originally from Seattle, now I online in Portland

Obsazení? office assistant for parole as well as probation

Lisa After:

What was the motivating factor that got you started on your weight loss journey? Was it one thing or a series of events?

It was a series of events that occurred quite close together. I established high blood pressure as well as during a yearly physical, my physician told me I was pre-diabetic. The concept of being diabetic freaked me out so much that something clicked in my brain as well as I understood I had to do something seriously.

I’d been having a hard time to lose weight for about a year without any success. I didn’t address my food problems as well as just started a half-assed exercise program. I joined curves as well as really gained weight!

Overall, my health and wellness was not good. Besides the pre-diabetes as well as high blood pressure, I was in constant pain. My feet hurt all the time. My hips ached, my back hurt. My breast was as well big for my body size (5 foot 5 inches): I was a 42 FF bra size. My legs always ached. I was constantly getting colds as well as bronchitis. I just wasn’t healthy.

What do you believe was the one most important modification you made? exactly how did it help? Can you keep this up for life?

I believe the most important modification I made was a combination of two things. I discovered what genuine food is (unprocessed, healthy, fuel for my body) as well as what I should be eating to be healthy. věř mi; it’s not an entire pizza! The second most important modification was finding that exercise was not torture. I can definitely keep up the exercise routine for the rest of my life. I always feel so much much better after exercising. My body can’t sit still anymore!

I made the goal to lose 50 pounds. I understood I needed to lose 100 however that number frightened me! So I decided infant steps were better. I reached my very first landmark of losing 50 pounds in June 2007. precisely 1 week before I was in my brother’s wedding. That was an incredible feeling!

On January 19, 2008 I reached my goal of losing 75 pounds! I weighed 175 for the very first time in most likely 10 years. I was sooo happy! as well as what an incredible birthday present to myself! (And my finest buddy Rachel was there with me when I stepped on her scale!) since I reached my goal of weighing 175, I decided I might totally get to 150.

How did you modification your eating habits?

After my “revelation” to get healthy, I decided to count my calories for one day. I made no modifications to my eating habits as well as just composed down whatever I ate. I looked up the calories on the internet as well as composed everything down. I was absolutely shocked at what I was putting into my mouth. I had no idea of serving sizes. I was most likely eating 3 servings of food instead of 1 serving. I made bad options for snacks. I ate as well many sweets. I decided to limit my calories to 2000 a day.

This began my calorie counting. It was difficult at first. I realized that trying to eat under 2000 calories was difficult to do, as well as it truly wasn’t that much food. I tried to eat fruits as well as vegetables as my snacks, as well as eat healthy foods for Breakfast, Lunch, as well as Dinner. I discovered myself reading every label as well as choosing if I wished to eat those calories. It was all about sacrificing as well as substituting.

My weaknesses are sugar (ice cream, cookies, cheesecake) as well as pizza. I decided to totally cut out pizza from my diet. I understood I might not just have 1 slice as well as a salad for dinner. If there was pizza in my house, I would eat the entire pizza without any type of regard to health and wellness or fitness. as for the sugar, I started substituting the yummy treats I was consumed with for lower calorie alternatives: frozen yogurt, Snackwell’s cookies that were about 50 calories each, Rice Krispie treats for 90 calories. Those were my desserts.

How did you modification your exercise habits?

The only type of exercise I got at 250 pounds wassometimes going to Curves. This did nothing for me. I realized that I needed to discover an exercise program I might stick to, as well as enjoy. I understood two things about myself: 1) I had to like what I was doing if I was going to stay with it as well as 2) If I was joining a gym, I understood it had to be close to house or I would never jít.

I kept in mind exactly how much I liked swimming as a youngster as well as teenager, so I started going to the close-by neighborhood pool. I swam laps for my exercise. I absolutely liked it! I looked ahead to it too! I realized that exercising might be fun.

Swimming was difficult when I very first started. I was so out of shape that I had to stop after each lap to rest as well as I felt like my heart was going to explode. however now, almost 4 years later, I still swim three times a week. I can swim a mile as well as a half in about 40 minutes without stopping!

Recently I began a running program as well. I competed in my very first 5k race in October (Run like Hell) as well as did so much much better than I believed I would; particularly since I had the flu for a week before the run. Čísla:

Division Rank: 47/122

Gender Rank: 168/518

Overall Rank: 292/746

I am now addicted to running too. I have an 8k coming up next month. as well as my huge run for this year is going to be in August: The Hood to coastline Relay race! The relay race goes from Mt. Hood near Portland to the coast! I’m likewise doing the reach the beach bike trip in May. I will be riding my bike 55 miles! next year my goal will be a full marathon or perhaps a triathlon.

How do you plan to preserve these healthy habits?

I have fallen in like with running as well as exercising. This is something that I hope to keep up for the rest of my life. I like hiking as well as swimming as well as I walk on my “off” days. I never believed I would enjoy racing however that is something that assists me train as well as stay consistent with my exercise program.

I have everyday temptations. There are always bagels or donuts at work. My buddies like to go to happy hour. My boyfriend likes pizza as well as might eat it at every meal. I crave the tasty coffee drink I utilized to get all the time…White chocolate Mocha with caramel syrup, whipped cream, as well as chocolate shavings. however I don’t provide in to that 900 calorie dessert drink! It’s all about choices.

Do you have any type of tips for RER visitors who want to lose weight?

“Jak jsi to udělal?”

This is the concern that people always ask me when they discover out I lost 40% of my body weight. 40%. In actual numbers, that’s over 100 pounds. 100 pounds is a 12 year old boy. I lost the equivalent of a preteen boy.

The crestfallen look on their deal with when they discover out the “how” never changes. They want me to provide them the magic spell, the magic beans, the pill they can pop, the diet plan they can do for one month. They’re never satisfied with my actual response.

“I lost the weight with healthy eating as well as exercise.”

It took me almost two years to lose over one hundred pounds. It was a journey I understood I had to take. It was a journey that was harder to begin than to do, honestly. It took me 27 years to wake as much as the modification I needed to make.

My advice for others trying to lose weight would be the following:

Find an exercise that you enjoy doing as well as DO IT! Walking, swimming, biking, yoga. koho to zajímá? If you like it as well as you’re moving your body, you’ll see results.

Pay interest to what you eat.

Whatever you select to do, be consistent. stick with it. Don’t stop if it isn’t working. I hit so many plateaus in my weight loss however I understood that I would be back to losing weight if I kept at it!

I hope this will inspire some people:

I lost 100 pounds in 2 years.
I went from a size 24W pants to a size 6 pants.
My bra size was a 42FF when I started. I’m now a 34D.
My body has been transformed to muscle mass instead of fat.
I’m no longer embarrassed to get into a swimsuit.
I most likely added about 20 years to my life.
I now spend my weekends going for intense, long hikes as well as I like it!

I now swim a mile as well as a half 3x a week. In fact, I’ve gotten so much much better at swimming that some guy at the pool asked me last week if I was a competitive swimmer!
I’m happy as well as for the very first time in my life, I like my body.

If I can do it, anyone can!


Congratulations Lisa as well as thanks so much for sharing your story with RER readers! She just started a blog as well – you can inspect it out here.

If you have a weight loss success story you’d like to share please email me at runeatrepeat@gmail.com.

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