Rule #34: Don’t get It

healthy Living policy #34: If you don’t want to eat it, Don’t get it.

This is a basic rule, but one I often break. like I did today for example. I just ran into the store for one thing. Yes, I actually ran. now I that I have clearance from the PT I run anywhere = around the supermarket aisles, in church, to my automobile in the vehicle parking lot. Dělat si srandu.
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Of course I came out with a lot more than one item ? and one of them was this yogurt. I know better than to purchase HFCS laden items, but Strawberry Shortcake just sounded so good! I ate it for dessert ideal now and it just tasted fake.

Boo to me. There are lots of times when I’m in the supermarket and something catches my eye. Then, I stand there with the food in my hand contemplating whether or not I must get it.

The devil on my carry screams, “Yes! pochopit to! It will taste good and you should have a treat.”

But the IE angel says, “I don’t think that’s a healthy choice and you’ll probably overeat it and hate yourself later.” (Who invited that person to shop with me anyways?)

Today the angel lost the yogurt battle, but did win a Garlic toast bread battle ?

Hey, you win some you lose some, right?

There is a fine line between restricting certain foods from myself versus allowing myself to take pleasure in them, but not keeping them in the house where I am tempted to over do it. a lot of of the time these battles occur with things like granola or ice cream not lame-o yogurt ?

Q: how do you people manage this? Do you get foods that you are tempted to overeat?? are there any foods you don’t keep in the house in any way because of this???

Me: I don’t deny myself any food, but I know I have a history of overeating and/or mindlessly eating certain foods a lot more than others. These are items I try not to keep in the house unless I’m in a really good place ?


I “forgot” to take pics of my afternoon eats, but if you’ve seen two granola bars you’ve seen them all (catch that?).

I also had an iced coffee before Physical Therapy.

Dinner was leftover tomato soup with chickpeas and corn. plus cheese bread and broccoli on the side.

Cheese bread is becoming a a lot more and a lot more frequent occurrence around here these days. Ben loves this stuff and so do I. this time I made it on TJ’s whole Wheat Naan bread. This stuff is incredible under the broiler – it really brings out the flavor and texture!

Oh, I just found this photo on my cam too! Oops! I guess I ate some dark chocolate today that I nearly forgot about!

After PT and running today I better ice my knee and kick back with some trash TV (which I also heard is good for your knee).

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